Why do all the girls get into boxing?

Why do all the girls get into boxing?

To let off steam but also gain self-confidence, more and more women are crossing the doors of boxing rooms.

Who said combat sports were only for guys ? To decompress, let off steam, learn to impose themselves and regain self-confidence, more and more women want to put on gloves to learn boxing. Because yes, they want to prove today that they can also do a sport that requires strength, courage and that they are not afraid to take their place in the ring. If some consider the craze of women for boxing as a fashion phenomenon, it is above all and above all the sign of a change of mentality expected for years !

What kind of boxing to choose ?

Thai, English, French, American: boxing has long been considered by most of us as a sport for men, because it is rather violent. Come on, come on… Let there be no mistake ! Because here is perhaps the miracle that we expected, boxing appears as a complete sport, which allows to shape its silhouette while releasing its stress on a good typing bag. Finally a sport that wins in diversity !

If we are spoiled for choice, it is better to move towards a boxing sector that corresponds to us. At the top: French boxing, or more precisely “savate” (its official name), seems to be the most appreciated by the fairer sex. Less violent than Muay Thai (Thai Box) which also allows the use of elbows and knees, or that full contact (American Boxing), and less body to body than English boxing, but very toned, it conquers the majority women who want to box.

Savate in practice

In practice, blows are only carried with the feet or hands, so we learn to attack, to dodge and we greatly improve the relaxation of both arms and legs. The workouts turn out to be very physical, and the matches take place on a “ring” (a delimited square set).

There are two kinds of affronts in French boxing: fights, where you play your power (less popular among women who do not want to end up knockout !), and assaults, during which the blows were not successful. Opponents are categorized according to their weight. But if the urge takes us, or if we have a sleeping warrior side, boxing whether Thai, English or American, does not only welcome Rocky’s clones !

Why we opt for French boxing ?

French boxing has more than 44,000 licensees * in France. A number that does not falter. Today, children, teens and women are enlarging the ranks of the Savate licensees (so French boxing if you follow well). The courses are more about the technique of blows than about the blows themselves. French boxing prohibits the use of shins, strikes – “touch” in pro-language are mainly done with the feet and fists. The fight is more distant and therefore more “elegant”, while remaining very physical. Understand: you will not (necessarily) look like Mike Tyson on your way out !

Which parts of the body work ?

With boxing, we mobilize arms, legs, back and we even strengthen our necks ! Deep muscles are also stressed, which is not the case for many leisure sports. We work a lot on balance and flexibility. Finally the savate reveals a very cardio physical activity, constantly working endurance and breath. Moreover, it is not recommended for people suffering from heart problems to practice French boxing

Boxing does good to the body and the mind

In addition to being an addictive defouloir, boxing redesigns the silhouette and tonifies. We work on all the supports so all the parts of the body. When you don’t hit, you avoid them, you move constantly. Our reflexes are on permanent alert, we sweat, we muscle, and… we lose weight. By gaining endurance, we melt thanks in particular to the incessant rebounds. While working on your muscles, you sheath: arms, legs, buttocks, back, belly are gradually emerging. A 45 to 60 minute course is equivalent to a loss of 600 to 800 calories. And that’s not all ! Boxing also contributes to self-confidence – which is not negligible – reduces stress and improves the health of the heart.

Where to practice boxing ?

Sport very practiced throughout France, boxing courses are normally accessible in almost all cities. In Paris, sports halls are increasingly offering boxing or body combat lessons, but there are specialized clubs like Le Cercle Boxing or the Battling Club today. The courses are generally very well supervised and are adapted both to beginners and to the most “confirmed”. The “uppercut” and the “hooks” will soon have no secrets for you !

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Video by Leslie Muya

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