Why are tops all addicted to boxing?

Why are tops all addicted to boxing?

Boxing is a sport that we hear more and more about. But it is a sport that is not reserved for Tony Yoka or Anthony Joshua. Today, he is democratizing to sculpt a firm and powerful body by burning as many calories as possible.

Boxing is an increasingly popular sport. Even the Victoria’s Secret models like Bella and Gigi Hadid, or the sparkling Laury Thilleman have become addicted to take care of their figure and let off steam ! If boxing no longer stops seducing, it is for good reasons. This sport is very effective in keeping shape by removing the tensions of the day.

From different kinds of boxing to the reasons for loving this sport, here is what you need to know before putting on the gloves.

Different styles of boxing, to vary pleasures

Thai boxing, French boxing, English boxing, there are different kinds of boxing. The workouts are just as varied. There are even more specialized courses where you learn to strike without fighting. These courses are ideal if you want to let off steam and learn to strike without fighting someone. Instead, you hit your opponent’s bear paws or a bag. You learn the same techniques but without risk of taking blows.

Several sports clubs have also made boxing more accessible to women, by developing specialized courses, such as the Lady Boxing at the Klay or Train Like a Model at L’Usine in Paris.

A boost for self-confidence

Boxing helps develop self-confidence. This sport is a good way to assert yourself. As you learn to defend yourself physically, you apprehend others less and you become safer in the evening. As the sessions progress, you feel stronger and you assert yourself more.

Boxing is a real outlet. We let off steam by hitting in a bag or on the bear paws of the coach. Ideally when you come out of a big day and dream of hitting while thinking of the unpleasant remarks of our boss or our brainless neighbor.

Boxing is a very intense sport where you burn a lot of calories. The workouts are composed of series of fractional at a very intense rate with active recovery series (abdominal, squats or slits). We are asking a lot for our cardiovascular system. And in an hour, we burn up to 800 calories !

Boxing is a combat sport, we learn to give powerful and targeted punches and kicks. We also learn to avoid the blows of our partner. Even if it is not a self-defense sport, we discover useful bases in combat and especially the attitude to have in the event of aggression.

There are different boxing lessons, private course with a coach, in the gym class, going through club courses. Club courses are inexpensive because it is an annual membership, account for between 150 and 200 € a year. Sports club courses have prices accessible from 15 euros. For private lessons with a coach, the budget is a little higher, have a course from € 25 depending on the coaches.

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