Why and when to redo its wooden floor?

Why and when to redo its wooden floor?

Renovations, marks of wear, accidents or simply the desire to adopt a new look for your soil are all reasons leading to changing a parquet floor.

Before you get into quotes and work, here are some tips for finding out if your parquet is just needing a renovation or if it needs to be replaced.

Should we change a parquet or renovate it ?

The first information to know if you want to change your parquet is its current composition: solid, laminated or laminated wood.

If your parquet is laminated or made of solid wood, chances are it can be renovated. In the event that your floor is just damaged or worn on the surface, it will be possible to sand.

Lay a wooden parquet

Punishing your parquet will allow you to give it a second youth.

If necessary, we can start by filling the few deep scratches with wood pulp. The sanding of the blades will come to eliminate all the marks of wear, the dirt accumulated over time as well as the shades and other finishes applied to the wood.

After sanding, you can opt for different shades and finishes to give the wood the desired shape.

Change the shade of a parquet floor

In the event that you want to change the color of the wood, be aware that it is possible to change the shade of a parquet. The application of a shade is done in 2 or 3 layers of paint after sanding and meticulous dusting.

You will then have the choice between 3 types of paint: floor paints, acrylic paints and stains. Once the new shade of the parquet floor has been applied, you can add a finish by shoeing, vitrification or oiling.

Change one or more blades

If you have a laminated floor, it is not made up of real wood. You will therefore not be able to sand it to regain its original radiance.

This does not mean that you need to change your entire floor. In the event that only one or two blades are too damaged or even broken, know that you have the option to replace them. This tip also applies to wooden floors.

What is the price of renovating a parquet floor ?

Here is a summary of the prices for the renovation of an existing parquet floor.

How to change parquet ?

There are cases where the existing parquet cannot be renovated or simply the owner wishes to replace it.

At that time, it will be a question of changing the entire floor.

Remove the existing parquet

It is necessary to start by removing the current coating. Whether you have a floating, clipsed or nailed floor, it is imperative to start by removing the baseboards from the room. You will have to start by removing the blades in the opposite direction to the pose. The last blades placed are always the most complicated to remove, and therefore preferable to extract them first.

In the case of a floating or clipped parquet floor, after removing the first row, the other rows should be removed without too much difficulty until the end of the room.

If you have a glued or nailed parquet, help yourself with a crowbar to take off or unclog the blades.

What is the price of a change of parquet ?

Once your old parquet is filed, you can opt for a brand new parquet. You have almost an unlimited choice: type of parquet, gasoline and finishing.

Here is a summary of the prices for the change of a parquet floor.

Once your old parquet is dismantled, there will be an almost unlimited choice of options for your new floor: its color, its composition, its laying pattern, etc.

Replace a parquet floor with another type of floor

Changing your parquet may also be an opportunity to choose another type of floor.

Most floor coverings can be placed directly on an existing floor. This allows you to avoid undertaking costly and tedious work to replace your old parquet.

The current floor must however be in good general and flat condition. A parquet floor with deformations, irregularities or even an infiltration of water cannot be covered.

Choosing PVC soil: benefits and prices

PVC is a floor covering that offers many advantages.

The main advantage over wooden floors is that PVC is much more affordable. In addition, the installation is very simple and fast and can be carried out over the existing wooden parquet. This reduces the costs associated with laying by a professional.

Despite its very accessible price, PVC is known to be particularly robust in the face of shocks, trampling and scratches. It can be installed in any part of your home thanks to its high resistance to humidity.

From an aesthetic point of view, the finishing and customization options are almost unlimited. PVC soil does not, however, enjoy the same charm and authenticity as a solid or laminated wooden parquet.

The price of PVC soil depends on several factors:

  • Manufacturing quality,
  • The degree of finish,
  • The thickness,
  • The PVC format (roll, slab or blade).

Count between 70 CHF and 110 CHF per m² to obtain a durable PVC floor with good manufacturing quality.

Choosing a vinyl floor: advantages and prices

Vinyl is a floor covering which can also be installed quickly and easily on an existing parquet floor.

It includes the following advantages:

  • Very simple and fast installation on an existing coating,
  • Many finishes and tints available,
  • Excellent resistance to humidity,
  • Very good thermal and acoustic insulator,
  • Very affordable price,
  • Ease of maintenance.

The price of vinyl per m² is very similar to the price of PVC and varies mainly depending on the format chosen.

Discover the average prices below according to the type of format.

Choosing a floor in tiles: advantages and prices

Tiling is a floor covering much appreciated for its practical side.

Indeed, the maintenance of tiled soil is very simple and fast. A simple wet cloth with a little detergent and your floor is like new.

This floor covering is particularly suitable in wet rooms and in the kitchen thanks to its impermeability.

Although the finishing options are less compared to PVC or vinyl, tiles are available in several different shades and shapes to adapt to your tastes. There are even tiles in the wood aspect.

The quality tiles are very robust and difficult to crack. If a crack forms following an accident, you can replace the damaged tile.

The price to be provided to replace your parquet floor with tiled floor varies depending on the type of tiling.

Discover the average prices below according to the type of tiles.

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