Who invented the proxy passage and when?

Who invented the proxy passage and when?

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I would like to connect to a proxy server to surf anonymously,
    could someone tell me about the subject because I don’t know anything about it, you need a client to connect, etc…

    Thanks in advance,


  2. To chain the proxies, you have to do as Yoyo says, put the address of one in the other.

    On the other hand, it is obvious that this slows down the connection, because your request is analyzed by 2 proxies and the server.

    Personally, I do not see at all the interest of going through X proxies (with X> 1). Anonymity is not necessarily better and it slows the connection.

    We can know why you want such anonymity, because the solution of proxies may not be the best. Indeed, in Europe and the US, all receipts must be accommodated at least 2 weeks (from memory), so a judge can ask to break the chain.
    In addition, a simple small cookie allows a site to recognize you, so unless you refuse them (which is impractical for navigation).
    Otherwise, at each connection, or every 24 hours if you are on ADSL, you change IP, so if we spot your PC as having faults (not well because it means not updated), you are not afraid much.

    Mouquiette, who wonders what can be done anonymously on the internet, unless we plan a very large server crack or the launch of a worm.

  3. Anonymity is a good thing.

    What would be the best solution for you, to keep anonymity if chaining proxy is not one?
    Chaining proxy slows down enormously I agree with you.
    If you have other proposals I am listening to you.

  4. For me the only reasons to be anonymous are:

    – The fear of a security breach and therefore of an attack. But hey you change IP very frequently, so there is not too much to fear. In addition, applying patches as soon as they are published is essential. So anonymity is not useful.

    – The fear of being traced because something illegal was done (machine crack, worm launch …) In this case, well I would say nothing about the methods to anonymize.

    Otherwise, when we are anonymous certain sites (generally commanding) are refused to us because we block the coockies. The sites no longer keep our preferences…

    Without knowing why you want to be anonymous, I can’t help you too much, just telling you that it is useless, even if you are super paranoid (I am).
    If you tell us why, I could direct you to more suitable methods.

  5. Okay, come on a quick question like that, which crosses my mind.

    Given your advanced paranoid about anonymity, I hope you don’t use MS Windows or MacOS. I assume you don’t use IE, or MS Office, that you don’t use WMP or QT or WinAmp and especially no P2P client anyone…

    If you use one of them, can you tell me what the reasons are, but above all what guarantees you that there is no spyware in the software you use.

    Good after this little paragraph which may seem nasty, here are some tips to keep anonymity.

    Install GNU / linux (if not already done). As a distrib, I advise you the LFS, it’s much easier to audit the code. Then you only install the minimum, server X, Mozilla (or better your own browser).
    Then, you create a network at home, with a bridge (always under GNU / Linux) with a hyper restrictive firewall, a proxy (on another server of course).
    Then you create a VPN between you and a friend, who himself does the same… to finally access the Net via someone you don’t know. Then it’s more worth chaining the proxies, you just put another one at the exit of the multiple VPN

    Advantage of this method, you are very anonymous, via passage by multiple VPN and exit by a server which is not yours. Almost no chaining of proxy, so apart from the latency time, it’s also fast. And finally, as you have audited the whole code of your applications, an almost absolute confidence in these

    Thank you for giving me this defouloir because I really needed it

    PS: The method I recommend to you is one of the best for anonymity, all the others are pretty phony.

  6. Thank you mouquiette your comment is very interesting,

    otherwise for the defouloir there is no prob, I want to learn and know like everyone else. No one has infused science …in any case you have shed some light on the road..at least you…otherwise for my part I am young and where I am I have no other occupations than my pc and the net that is why.
    If other people want to give their opinions that they don’t hesitate!

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