Top 4 of the best pedometer applications on Android?

Top 4 of the best pedometer applications on Android?

It is said that if you take at least 10,000 steps daily, not only does it improve our physical form, it is a good cure for disease. That said, having to count your steps is a bit of an arduous task. It’s much easier to rely on statistics from an Android app with a footprint. In this article, you can find the best of them, and everything they can do.

Only approximate figures

The applications with pedometer for Android that you are presented here couple good management with the ability to count the steps taken. Even if you can’t trust them 100%. Including when testing the four applications simultaneously, you will not get the same data. Quite the contrary: the differences are considerable. Even with 100 steps counted, the differences in counting range from 90 to 170. Like connected fitness bracelets, applications with pedometer only display approximate figures, since disturbances during use can affect the data or if, for example, the user does not have his smartphone in hand at any time.

Detection has improved after spending some time with the application, since it is possible to adjust the sensitivity in the footage. So before you start using a new application, test it with 100 to 200 steps, then adapt the values saved by the sensors to your smartphone.

The applications did not count perfectly, but gave an approximate total

Despite everything, it was determined that the applications did not count perfectly, but gave an approximate total. If an application with pedometer shows a lot of steps, the user knows that it has moved a lot. If the result is well changed, instead of staying slumped on the chair, it is better to get up and go for a walk.

The applications listed here do not offer a large amount of fitness functions. Anyone interested in having more detailed statistics will be able to have them thanks to specialized fitness applications. They also include a pedometer.


“Pacer: Podometer & Weight Loss” is the name of this program. This application shows you the amount of steps you have taken, as well as the average of steps. You can enter this application with a very attractive design, your weight and your goals. Thus, she will be able to know your trend in recent weeks and months.

Its wide range of options is what allows Pacer to distinguish himself. The user can easily enter their data and set new goals or compare them with those of other users of the application. It also offers in-depth maintenance programs and analyzes, but they pay off. The cost is 3.99 € / month, or just under 20 euros for the annual formula.

  • Version of the app: p2.17.0
  • Size of the app: 12.2 MB
  • Compatibility of the app: Android 4.0.3 or more
  • Economic model: free with purchases in the application


This application keeps all the promises of its name: meticulously counting your weights. To do this, you must inform your gender, age, height and weight, and the application automatically calculates the number of steps you should take on a daily basis. Statistics can show the evolution of the steps taken over days, weeks, months and years. All database information can be saved to the SD card of your smartphone or Google Drive. Anyone who wants to count their steps under a diet will be delighted to know that the application can also count the calories burned during your journey. For example, to remove calories from a hamburger, it takes approximately 900 steps. Bémol: Accupedo is sometimes interrupted by full screen advertisements.

  • Version of the app: 5.9.8.G
  • Size of the app: 5 MB
  • Compatibility of the app: Android 4.1 or more
  • Economic model: completely free


This application is also rather reliable for you to count your steps. Unlike other applications, it does not set a custom step target, but it uses stride, weight, height and age information to record calorie consumption. To start counting weights, simply press the initialization button. Another practical thing about the application: all statistics and step information are at hand. Tabs allow you to view views by day, week and month, and with a click on the graph, you can see other information. The theme of the application is also customizable.

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