Top 20 Gift Ideas for Boxing Fan and Kickboxing?

Top 20 Gift Ideas for Boxing Fan and Kickboxing?

In search of a boxing gift, it’s time to give breathtaking gifts. Whether you are looking for a Christmas present, a birthday present or just want to comfort someone, we have the list you need. Discover these great gifts for boxers and boxing fans who will not fail to impress the person who will receive them.

We are all already in demand what we could offer to our props for a given occasion, and to make it even more difficult that he is a boxing fanatic. Fortunately for you, we have the answer to this question !

1. Strike bag on Dripex Foot

Price: from 125.90 € at Amazon

Put on your favorite box gloves and go to the assault on this top quality strike bag. Retoru the striking sensations with this excellent quality striking bag, neither too hard nor too soft, it is perfect. Fixed with 12 suction cups you can ballast this punching ball with sand directly in its base, then add water to fix it on the ground. Silent and almost not swinging it offers very correct resistance when you hit it is a great boxing gift to offer your friends.

Wake up the sleeping Mike Tyson who was born on June 30, 1966 in Brooklyn and who, at 20, became the youngest heavyweight champion in history.

Price: from 19.65 € at Amazon

Metal box is the glove brand with which some of us have grown up, and they bring serious value dynamics even today. Their boxing gloves have a long lifespan, up to three years in some cases. We are not fans of the lack of wrist coverage, nor of the huge price difference depending on the size you choose. These gloves adjust, slip in and off fairly quickly, which greatly facilitates the storage of the sports bag when you have completed your training.

Gloves also have technology designed to reduce the risk of damage to the thumbs and general broken hands. If the padding around the wrist is not the best, the part in it is designed to improve your shape and technique, giving you more control over your posture and your power. Metal Box is a brand of boxing gloves that cannot be ignored in terms of quality.

Price: from 35.00 € at Amazon

In this book, discover or rediscover 29 mytic fights told by Jean-Phillipe Lustyk, the French journalist specializing in boxing. Closer to the rings discover the epic of noble art as if you had lived it. From tyson to foreman, passing by Ali or Mendoza, vibrate with these champions.

Price: from € 7.50 at Amazon

Box with class with the Venum Kontact Boxing Bandes. To start or offer, opt for optimal hand protection with these two bands. Perfect for boxing, the straps attach to your hand and wrist for optimal shock absorption.

The leader Venum brand in combat sports such as MMA, boxing or karate.

Price: from € 13.90

Offer this nice jewel to the boxing fan around you, in stainless steel, this one is available in silver color.

Reveal your passion for the best boxers, like Floyd Mayweather the American boxer whose combination of speed, power and technical prowess has made him one of the best book fighters of all time. And to look good after a good boxing session, here is our guide to the best anti-circle creams for men.

Price: from 10.99 € at Amazon

Boxing reflex balls seem simple but are designed to cause complex movements and reactions. Although not the best tool for teaching appropriate movements and the form of typing, they are a stimulating and active way to teach rapid reaction. For boxers who have a good knowledge of footwork and a good sense of timing, a reflex boxing ball can improve their skills. For those who are not interested in combat, reflex bullets are an excellent packaging tool; users can improve hand-eye coordination and, by adding a footwork, they will find themselves in the midst of difficult training.

One of the great advantages of the reflex boxing ball is that it introduces a high level of unpredictability into the training regime. Other static drive tools, such as heavy bags, speed bags and double-end bags, have a limited impact on the boxer’s reaction time and can cause him to train at a rate comparable to that of a metronome. Although timing is an important skill, making too many routine movements over and over can make a boxer predictable for an opponent. The reflex ball changes the drive.

Price: from € 16.97 at Amazon

The best T-shirt for a boxing fan, plus the trouble of hiding, take on your passion !

Pay tribute to Joe Frazier, the world heavyweight boxing champion from February 16, 1970 to January 22, 1973, when great boxer George Foreman beat him. Frazier may be better known for his exhausting 14-round game against Muhammad Ali in the Philippines, known as Thrilla in Manila, than Ali won by TKO. Frazier died of liver cancer in 2011.

Price: from 8.77 € at Amazon

The beast gear jump rope is a skipped rope designed with style and which perfectly fulfills its job: to blow you up in rehearsal. a rather original boxing gift that will not only make people happy !

Take this rope and take yourself for Emmanuel “Manny” Dapidran Pacquiao, a Filipino professional boxer and senator from the Philippines. Nicknamed “PacMan”, he is considered one of the greatest professional boxers of all time.

Price: from 8.36 € at Amazon

For boxing fans and office jockeys, Desktop Boxing is the perfect desktop accessory for fun but effective relaxation. Do not let off steam on your colleagues, let off steam on this mini punching bag !

Price: from 14.99 € at Amazon

The famous look of the boxer’s shorts, with these shorts offer the top of the boxing gift because everyone will be to which sport you belong, can also waiter in costume evening.

Price: from 33.86 € at Amazon

Become the legend ! Put on your rocky balboa robe and feel his soul coming into you to become the best boxer in your house.

Robert Balboa (also known as the Italian stallion), is the main character in the Rocky film series. The character was created by Sylvester Stallone, who also played it in the eight films in the series. Become the legend we tell you !

Price: from 15.23 € at Amazon

From the Apollo film, this short reminds everyone of the famous rocky balboa, the top of the boxer’s gift for connoisseurs !

Price: from 34.00 € at Amazon

Superb quality painting represented rocky balboa in the snow with a message of hope. The top to decorate with 78 x 53.01 x 3 cm and 430.91 grams.

Price: from 18.49 € at Amazon

The best way to pay tribute to the new generation boxer, a member of various street gangs from an early age, Tyson was sent to a reformatory in northern New York State in 1978. At the recovery center, Bobby Stewart, a social worker and a boxing enthusiast, recognized his potential and directed him to the famous coach Cus D’Amato, who became his legal guardian. Tyson set a record 24-3 as an amateur and became a professional in 1985.

Price: from € 41.99 at Amazon

Children are also entitled to their boxing gift, punching balls for children is the best for starting boxing smoothly and having fun, but beware, it is not done to hit hard but to learn how to improve one’s reflexes. typing repeatedly.

Price: from € 121.49 at Amazon

Here we are dealing with a very nice gift which is also worth its price. Beautiful self-tentical boxing shoes. Take yourself for Julio César Chávez González also known as Julio César Chávez Sr, a former professional Mexican boxer who participated in competitions between 1980 and 2005. Several times world champion in three weight categories, Chávez was ranked by The Ring magazine as the best boxer in the world, book for book, from 1990 to 1993. And to relax and do some bodybuilding, here is our guide to weightlifting shoes.

Price: from € 43.99 at Amazon

This is what it takes for the whole family to train calmly in the living room and relax it, you can use a bear paw. It is a circular target attached to a glove and whose shape is close to that of the bear paws. On the attack each your turn, do you exercise to type but without forcing, like Mohammed Ali who was a heavyweight boxing champion with an impressive record of 56 wins. He was also known for his courageous public position against the Vietnam War.

Price: from € 3,010.50

If you want the best is the ultimate boxing gift you can offer, the most expensive equipment available on Amazon. This structure is perfection for training in boxing, the top of the top.

Price: from € 1,844,99 at Amazon

Another ultimate boxing gift for top box fans is a device where the boxer comes to clap with all his might on the center of the device, and the machine will calculate his strength.

Price: from € 23.68

You’re tired of the smell of box gloves, it smells really bad, an original and benefactor gift !

Price: from € 44.50 at Etsy

A pretty clock decorated with the patterns of the boxing gift

Price: from 35.88 € at Amazon

The top of the sports bag for elegance and ease of storage. And become the Anthony Joshua of the moment.

A man who was friends with everyone was an enemy to himself.

If you are unsure of the training equipment they already have, you can choose a gift they will certainly need in abundance. The boxing dress will certainly be a success. New boxing jerseys, elastic bandages for the hands and a new case for the mouth guard all make nice gifts. You can also choose a new refrigerant towel or the Vulken deep tissue masseur. It’s gone to choose the top boxing gift for your friend.

Gift ideas to help with training

For serious boxers, you will find several gift ideas in this list. The speed bag platform and the Everlast power base bag are essential items. Reinforcement of the handle and the coach’s strike mittens also make wonderful gifts. The training shoes will certainly help them to get in great shape. Finally, the agility scale and the speed cone set as well as the luxury jump rope are both fantastic training tools.

Gift ideas for boxers and boxing enthusiasts

If you are looking to buy a gift for someone you do not know very well, this list is there to help you. The boxer’s Bible and the illustrated Book of Total Sports Boxing are two great gift ideas. There are two fun shorts that any fan of this sport would like to have. The t-shirt will delight all fans. The pendant of boxing gloves and the key ring are also easy ideas that will certainly be appreciated.

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