How to use the best free and fast web proxy?

How to use the best free and fast web proxy?

What is a Proxy Web ?

A web proxy is a remote computer that acts as an intermediary between your device and the internet. Also called proxy server in French, this software allows you to use your hardware without displaying your IP address

  • Indeed, its main use is to display a different IP address than that of your device (PC, smartphone, tablet …).
  • As a result, you will be able to browse the web in private or anonymous mode.
  • To use a proxy server, you must do some configurations on your browser or hardware or use a web proxy.

Then you can connect to the internet and surf from this site. Its main interest is to make yourself anonymous when browsing the web using the outgoing port of the proxy server and its IP address

Another interest in its use may be to consult a censored site in your country, that is to say a site from which you do not have access from where you are.

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The best free web proxy

There are several free proxys you can enjoy. However, if you are looking for a free web proxy, you are given a list of today’s best free web proxys to help you choose. They will help you protect your privacy and switch to anonymous online online.

offers free public proxies that allow you to surf the web, while keeping your anonymity. Software is a reliable, easy and immediate way to hide your IP address when connecting.

  • It protects your connection location, address, computer and cache.
  • By opting for the HMA web proxy, you will be able to access the proxy servers of several countries such as Russia, the USA, China, or Germany.

The proxy lists proposed by this site are verified in real time and equipped with a 24 hour / 24h and 7d / 7d self-update. Your connections are guaranteed with these checks at all times. In addition to VPN software, you will always find a reliable database with free HMA web proxy

VPNBook provides a free SSL encrypted web proxy for surfing in private mode, in addition to its virtual private network. You can choose from several proxys servers based worldwide such as in the United Kingdom, the United States or Canada. In addition, the proxy can choose one at random, for you.

  • This software is extremely fast.
  • Among other things, it blocks advertisements and advertisements as well as certain web page script elements.
  • This can be beneficial for anonymity, and supports HTTPS connections. Another advantage of this proxy is that it keeps web histories, like all free web proxy. T

however, these are automatically sent to baskets after a week. In short, VPNBook is fast, convenient and practical.

This software is a web proxy service with multiple security features available in a single click, including URL encryption, link and page encryption, but also the ability to deactivate cookies and scripts. However, these functionalities are often limited to premium proxy.

  • This web proxy supports Dailymotion and Youtube, which is beneficial and facilitates access to videos blocked in your country.
  • It also supports HTTPS, but blocks sales sites and online banking services.
  • FilterBypass records your activities using its services.

Like other proxy servers, this software will publish information when necessary, for example for a criminal investigation. However, he erases them after a week.

Privoxy does not have a graphical interface, but it is easy to configure. The difference in this software with other free software is that it requires the use of your own hardware to act as a proxy if you are elsewhere.

  • So with this proxy, you can use a public connection (a public WiFi network) other than your home connection and it allows you to surf as at home.
  • Once you have configured it, this proxy will protect your privacy by securing your incoming data as outgoing.

Like all other free proxy, Privoxy records your IP address, the pages you view, the sites you visit. It can also collect your data and private information about you using tracking cookies.

Kproxy offers a browser-based service, a portable version of Firefox and an extension for Chrome or Firefox. This is an advantage since you can use your PC everywhere, in college and in restaurants.

  • Very easy to configure, KProxy is fast and free. Once you have installed this software, you can choose a remote server and click on “connect”. It supports secure HTTPS connections.
  • In addition, the paid version KProxy Pro gives you the possibility of accessing premium servers which for this one are never loaded. But this traffic can sometimes slow down free service.

As with other free proxys, there are limitations. The data limit is 300 MB, you can surf for 3 hours straight without interruption. Once you have reached this limit, he will ask you to buy a premium account (a tab will invite you).

If you do not wish to enter the premium, you can wait 30 minutes and reuse your KProxy for free. Regarding newspapers, this software is less available. It records your activities, but it does not specify the shelf life of these histories.

Also, if you are looking for private proxies, here are the best suppliers:

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