How to start boxing?

How to start boxing?

Want to let off steam, build muscle and release the pressure ? Motivated like never before to move your booty, put on the gloves and get into the ring ? Yes but … end up on the ground at each class, and sacrifice your nose and teeth, on the other hand, it heats you much less. We feel you, and we even have a solution for you ! Find out how to start boxing with boxing lessons starting in Paris or variants of boxing without a fight. Taking advantage of the benefits of boxing without taking blows is tempting no ? In our opinion, the question is quickly answered …

Boxing lessons starting in Paris

For you, boxing is a ring, an opponent, fights and nothing else ? You can then turn to sports halls or boxing clubs that offer beginner level boxing lessons. You will learn the basics of sport there and face opponents of your level. Indispensable for starting boxing without getting hurt and understanding the rules.

So where to do boxing in Paris when you’ve never put on gloves in your life (no, the time you dressed up in Rocky doesn’t count) ? Go take a look at the Battling Club (Paris 10 and 17), the Boxing Club (Paris 17) or the Noble Art Temple (Paris 1, 11 and 17). Some of these clubs even offer beginner level boxing lessons reserved for women. 100% badass !

Start boxing in Paris in a boxing course without a fight

What boxing without a fight is ?

Energy and niac, you have it. The moves and the electrifying atmosphere of boxing boosts you. On the other hand, blows, you would not be against avoiding them … A problem ? One solution: boxing without a fight ! This practice consists of performing exercises and boxing movements in a vacuum or on a strike bag. In other words, without physical contact ! The goal here is to spend more than perfect boxing techniques and train in combat, while banging … bars.

That said, it can be a great initiation to boxing, before getting into the ring !

Why do boxing without contact ?

Because you can let off steam and enjoy the multiple benefits of boxing without hurting yourself, then it would be wrong to deprive yourself of it:

– Improve its endurance, balance and coordination;

– Burn calories (on average 600 kcal / course);

– Muscler and tonify the whole body;

– Winning in strength and self-confidence;

– …

Uncombatable boxing and its variants

Seduced by the idea of beating without taking back and sweating while having fun ? That’s good, there are more and more studios offering contactless beginner boxing lessons in Paris. Boxing fitness or fit boxing, cardio boxing, body attack, shadow boxing, sweat boxing … It’s up to you to find the concept of boxing that suits you according to your desires and objectives !

The Circle Paris, the concept of boxing that hits

And if you were to start boxing by exploring the new boxing concept of the Paris Circle, an immersive experience that gives the smile (and muscles) ? At the Circle Boxing, we practice contactless and safe boxing for a maximum of kiff. Our 50-minute sessions alternate between boxing movements on aqua-bag and HIIT on a fitness bench. An explosive cocktail intended for both beginners and Rocky Balboa in the making !

The workout of the Circle Boxing is 10 rounds to learn the classic boxing moves, do muscle reinforcement and work on your cardio. You are afraid of not standing on the duration ? Wait until you meet our coaches, always ready to encourage you and give you their best boxing advice. And to spice it up ? Urban music playlists selected with taste and love !

No longer wait to book your next boxing lesson at the Circle Boxing (Paris 9) and join the gang !

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