How to get into boxing from home?

How to get into boxing from home?


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However, it is not necessary to feel the soul of a “rogue” or a proletarian (it is all the same unflattering !) to love English boxing and to want to get started !

Relatively little practiced in terms of the number of people concerned (mainly male, it must be admitted), boxing is paradoxically one of the most popular and known sports on the planet, freeing itself from all political and cultural boundaries.

If the principle is simplest – two opponents in a ring surrounded by ropes, with gloves and even a helmet for amateurs, the objective being to knock out his counterpart -, sometimes subtle rules are less known to the general public (quality of the opponent on the ground, bodies too close together, etc.).

Wanting to make a career, to win honors and money, or – more simply – to knock to let off steam and know how to defend oneself in the street in the event of a glitch, receives many votes in the minds.

Unfortunately, many are called, but few are elected to cross the course … Will you be among the pusillanimes, or can we put you in the rank of the reckless ?

We hope that nothing will stop you in the fulfillment of your passion: boxing clubs affiliated to the French Boxing Federation being quite rare in the Hexagon, and almost nonexistent as soon as you move away from large urban centers, you may need to be inventive to satisfy your sports desires.

That’s good, because we’re going to explore today the possibilities you have been given to learn to box from home. If so, you will see, it is much easier and more common than it seems !

Is it really possible to get into boxing in your house ?

, everything plays against teaching boxing at home and in favor of more conventional learning methods … But it is only an appearance !

If a boxing club affiliated with the national federation has the advantage of conferring a sports license synonymous with insurance against the sores inherent in combat sports, there are many alternatives for boxing in its home, in a comfortable way.

In English boxing, we must dissociate the match, this final confrontation which must always remain our objective, from the training which can be multifaceted.

Of course, it will be difficult to organize an official and formal meeting at home between two seasoned boxers.

However, there are several ways to prepare for it or, quite simply, to train, from the fundamentals to the improvement modules: , , bodybuilding, cardio, striking bag, these are all sessions that can be done – almost – anywhere and not always requiring a play partner.

Didactic books and boxing go hand in hand ?

In academic disciplines, the reflex of elders and our elders is the paper book.

It is an old instinctive movement which will have allowed whole generations to learn a new foreign language, the art of the vegetable patch or even the versification …

It is clear that the third millennium is witnessing the weakening of this good old vein, in favor of new technologies.

Anyway, to familiarize yourself with it in a theoretical register (which has all its value and even seems essential), the neophyte will have every interest in consulting certain quality titles:

  • , collective work at Amphora, 2003 ;
  • , de Salmson-Creak, 2016 (available in ebook) ;
  • , by Jérôme Huon, 2016 (attention: there is nothing on English boxing in this book) ;
  • , by Robert Paturel, ADAC, 2012 ;
  • French boxing, by Professor Leboucher, 1853 (4th ed.), to be found in digital version on the Internet.

With a few clicks, they can be purchased and read in bed, but if you can get your favorite booksellers to work !

The richness of e-learning for the budding boxer

The Net has enabled many people to discover and deepen a passion that they could never have engaged in without this revolutionary technical means.

It can range from sewing and embroidery … to English boxing, depending on everyone’s tastes !

Sites of enthusiasts will be of great help to you, but do not forget to consult encyclopedic pages with sometimes surprising content, as is the case with the Wikipedia article devoted to English boxing: many explanatory sketches will you there. show basic techniques, including rare ones.

Direct court, cross-count, overhand, semi-hook or bolo-punch: these are all gestures that are schematically dissected. Store it all, it will be a good start !

In addition, all types of childcare are listed: it is a real gold mine to diversify your skills in .

This vast theoretical presentation, of high quality whatever some academics say about the Wiki nebula, will have every interest in being supplemented by portals dedicated to boxing, generally providing targeted advice – this is the case with ExpertBoxing, speaking for example of the heating of the jaw or the release of the hips.

These are small details that cannot be invented and that it would be difficult to notice on your own quickly !

You are looking for French boxing lessons ?


Bring a professor home

It is undoubtedly the best solution there is to learn boxing in his hut: find a good private teacher and bring him in. It is a luxury that you will not regret !

The only condition is to enjoy enough space and have equipment to host a boxing home course which, to be effective, must be as improvised as possible …

Without this, you will only have one recourse: to move yourself to the teacher or to a gym duly fitted out for English boxing.

Remember that the first lesson is in most cases (especially in town) free, on a trial basis. Do not hesitate to ask any new private teacher for references and to find out about him (opinions of his former students on the Internet, reputation in the neighborhood, etc.).

The good teacher should not be just a master of boxing: he must be an excellent pedagogue, knowing how to explain things, even difficult, so as to make them clear, as natural.

His sense of observation should allow him to spot any defect in you to correct it as quickly as possible; its tact is the best way to take you back without turning you around, self-confidence influencing morale at least as much as the initial motivation.

A tailor-made framework of this kind will promise you rapid progress, with a wise and wise, safe and efficient pair. You will benefit from his own experience, and he will share many tips with you !

This is obviously the most common solution. And also the most effective when you start from scratch, that you want to start boxing. And especially that we do not want to confront other practitioners. It is therefore an informed choice that we make, since we must know that a home course will necessarily be more expensive than a collective indoor course.

What more a particular coach will bring you ?

Obviously there is a real added value in choosing the expertise of a particular boxing trainer. At first it will take the precious time to chat with you to get to know you. Know your personal context, your pace of life, your physical and mental skills.

And following this first contact, he will concoct a personalized program for small onions.

A program perfectly suited to you and your characteristics. This is where it places the most. And during the sessions, he will motivate you, push you to the end of your abilities.

Things he wouldn’t have time to do with 15 other students around.

How to use it effectively, so that it is profitable

At first you have to think carefully about a rhythm of sessions that allows you to reconcile everything. Boxing lessons are trying. recovery time is important. To start, 2 sessions per week are sufficient.

Thereafter, when the first sessions have passed and you have an acceptable physical condition you can increase by one or even two weekly sessions. Keep in mind that all of this must be profitable for you, given the investment made. And that’s what we’re going to talk about now.

What is the price of sessions with a particular boxing coach ?

On average, the prices of a home boxing course are almost twice as high as the indoor lessons. Which, whatever the practice, is normal. You pay for the trip, the equipment, and the service of course.

It is a real investment to take lessons at home. An investment to which you will have to add all the equipment necessary for the practice of boxing (gants, shoes, shorts, t shirt, teeth protectors, etc …). Be aware that an average price for a price slightly exceeds one hundred euros.

Choose your private teacher, but receive distance lessons

In 2017, technologically, anything is possible. There are many ways to access learning, whatever it is. The new means of communication make it easy to adapt your organization so as not to waste time. And contrary to what one might think, it is the same thing for sport. Here are concrete examples.

Find your private coach virtually and do the live video lessons

Means of receiving boxing lessons remotely are possible. Before, be sure to choose this famous coach. Learn about the internet, compare prices. Basically, the prices will be below those charged by coaches coming to your home for a home course.

On average, you will be entitled to a discount of thirty to forty euros compared to conventional prices. And then whether it is in front of time, or even by Skype you will have the coaching appointments necessary for normal progression. And identical to the one you would have when taking normal lessons, with a physically present coach. The modalities do not change.

Have course sheets created by a coach, a confidence that you must assume while ensuring with autonomy

If you or your coach are not too much course 2.0 there is the solution. Trust, and autonomy. This will cost you even less than virtual lessons. But the counterpart is to have to manage for a difficult practice. the preparation work must therefore be even more precise.

For safety and to avoid injuries do not hold too many lessons in advance with your coach. From week to week maximum. And establish a relationship of trust with your coach so that he can be reached after each personal session for a precise debriefing. The goal is not to get hurt. Because the wound is the toughest enemy of the sportsman.

Here are all our French boxing lessons.

Audiovisual boxing lessons for exercises

This is by far the most common method, acclaimed by those who wish to go boxing alone from home.

Indeed, viewing videos on YouTube or other is infinitely less indigestible than assimilating theoretical and completely free courses (with the exception of certain paid sites, on which we can completely ignore in view of the many free solutions available) unlike the remuneration of a particular teacher who, to be extremely effective, beneficial and fruitful, is no less expensive.

The majority of online audiovisual databases operate with user “accounts” and related channels, often with very evocative names: Boxing Academy France, BoxeMag, Boxing Stars, Boxing Legends, Premier Boxing Champions … Or not : GREGGOT TV, Minute Forme, etc.

At the same time, social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to name only the most visited) are the ideal place to exchange good plans, quality links and impressions.

Finally, there are few channels offering a home training program for beginners from A to Z, with logical progression and precise order.

Most of the time, it will be necessary to make its small sorting, a relatively arduous task for a neophyte and for which one will gain by listening to the advice of an elder. Otherwise, Google Videos can help !

It will often be a question of watching the video of a particular exercise, then reproducing it, putting it into practice. With the right equipment of course: jump rope, gloves, strike bag …

Only the one will be within everyone’s reach, anywhere, even on vacation and without stuff ! It involves boxing a ghost … why not in front of an ice cream to observe each other. But it is still necessary to have enough theoretical and technical knowledge to notice its faults and correct them without delay !

In search of Thai boxing lessons ?

Attend boxing forums

If you are around you the only one interested in English boxing, or that nobody really knows about it, attending digital portals of the French-speaking boxing enthusiast community will be useful for choosing the right videos to view, the best exercises to perform, good programs to follow and ask questions.

To progress, but also to maintain your motivation for the first days, it is imperative not to suffer from isolation ! This is where the virtual can judiciously help you find support.

The inenarrabble forum unsurprisingly has its “boxing” section evoking both sports news and the little hassles suffered by the neophyte boxer. It may be useful to inquire about the preparation before a boxing match with other members of the forum.

If this place of discussion is abundantly frequented and fed, it should not be too crowded in more specialized forums, such as TSB (, muaythaiforum (for Thai boxing) and NetBoxe.

In addition, here are three examples of books that can help you develop as a budding boxer:

  • French savate boxing
    Savat French boxing and its turbulent history, its prestigious champions, its technique, combat learning, as well as the charts of competitions. The ultimate guide if you want to know more about French boxing.
  • Free fight experience and techniques of lawless combat The Ultimate Fighting Championships and others Cage Fights Ken Shamrock, the very image of the ultimate champion, present the preparation, techniques and strategy of combat without rules. Fashionable today, especially among young people of course.
  • The Essential Guide to Nutrition of Boxers This book will teach you how to increase your RMR (metabolic rate at rest) to speed up your metabolism and help you change your body RADICALLY. Learn how to be in great shape and reach your ideal weight with smart food so that you can be at your best. Consuming complex carbohydrates, proteins and natural fats in the right amount and the right percentage as well as increasing your RMR will make you faster, more agile, and more resistant. Boxing from a nutritional angle.

Amateur of literary subjects and languages, self-taught jack-of-all, transmitting knowledge through words in digital time is close to my heart.

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