How to find your boxing style?

How to find your boxing style?

There are different styles of boxing which each have their specificities. There is no boxing that is better than another, it just depends on everyone’s desires and needs.

However, if your goal is to become a very good boxer in any style of boxing, I invite you to read the following course.

It is ideal for any beginner or novice boxer, you will discover by what style of boxing to start to progress as quickly and efficiently as possible.

At the end of this course, you will be an expert accomplished in all boxing styles !

What style of boxing to choose to start boxing ?

Boxing is made up of 3 large groups.

1) There is “poings” boxing, composed exclusively of the English Boxing.

2) Then the “foot-pists” boxing, composed of the Savate Boxe FRENCH, Kick-Boxing, Full-Contact, etc … Basically any style of boxing where fists, feet and shins are used to hit.

3) And finally all boxes or elbows and knees are authorized, such as Muay-Thai, K-1, etc …

You can imagine that the more authorized blows, the more difficult it can be to be quickly comfortable and effective in its practice.

Even if this is denied, since the English Boxing (or we only use fists) is often considered one of the most difficult boxes.

My conclusion with all of this is as follows.

I strongly invite you to start with a style of boxing with little variety of moves, such as English boxing for example.

This will allow you not to be overwhelmed by the amount of different moves to learn and master.

Starting with a style of boxing with few authorized moves, you can be more effective in learning: stress management (from confrontation), ring management, your ease in combat, etc ..

You will thus have solid bases for little by little passing on boxes where there are more authorized blows.

What curriculum to choose to progress effectively in boxing ?

Here is a typical course that will allow you to progress optimally in all styles of boxing.

  1. English box: To familiarize yourself with sport while having a good base in fists
  2. Kickboxing: To start using your legs and develop your foot-to-pocket bases
  3. French Boxing: Displacement and technique are slightly more complicated. In the sense that you cannot touch your opponents only with your feet and not the shins. A very good way to improve and develop your technical panel and boxing strategies.
  4. K-1: Like Kick-Boxing but with the knees. This will make a smooth introduction to a new authorized move.
  5. Muay-Thai: And finally the Muay-Thai. Or fists, elbows, knees and feet (with shin) are allowed. The most “complete” style of boxing in terms of variety of coup.

Here is my humble opinion on the optimal course to progress effectively in any style of boxing.

I remain at your disposal in the commentary space to answer all your questions.

And for those who are starting, I wish you a very good start in this noble sport of boxing !

“There is nothing more dangerous than a boxer happy to box.”

Jeremie GUEZ

Kyle, your MB coach

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