How to draw a 3 D plan?

How to draw a 3 D plan?

You design a new house or plan to rearrange your interior ? Find out how to make a plan, the basis of your project !

The plans illustrate the contours of a property, presenting the interior and exterior spaces, and help you redecorate and redevelop your home. They offer you a global vision on your development and include technical measures and information, which help you manage your project.

Make your house plan with HomeByMe

Want to redevelop or redecorate your home ? HomeByMe is an online plan software that allows you to design the house of your dreams and view it in 3D in all simplicity.

Create your plan in one weekend and test several adjustments with our intuitive software. Choose the layout of your rooms and the style of decoration of your interior, design your outdoor spaces and decorate your house using a selection of furniture available in our large catalog of products.

Draw your 2D plan

Start by creating the outline of your plan by drawing the walls and adding windows and doors. Our software is so intuitive that it is not necessary to have already drawn a plan to use it: you can get started now ! If you don’t have much time, our plan creation service can draw your 2D plan from a sketch.


Furnish your interior in 3D

Your sketch finished, you can choose your floor and wall coverings from a range of tiles, wallpapers and paintings. Develop your kitchen and bathroom according to your needs and let your creativity speak in the decoration of your living room and your room. Then add various decorative objects (carpet, mirrors, curtains and plants) to finalize your interior. Do not hesitate to move and rotate your objects until you get the perfect decor !


Create and share images

When your layout is suitable for you, you can generate HD images of your 2D or 3D project, and print or share them online. Send your friends the realistic HD images and the 360 ° views that show your good from all angles to find out their opinion. Share the link of your project with the people associated with the project to allow them to visit your house virtually in 3D thanks to the subjective view.

How to draw your 2D plan

  1. Create the outline of your accommodation by inserting a predefined room or by drawing it by show of hands using the pencil provided for this purpose. For more details, you can indicate the measurements of your walls to create a scale plan.
  2. If you already have your home plan, save time by importing it directly on HomeByMe. Then choose the scale and then draw on the sketch to obtain the exact replica of your original plan.
  3. Select and insert doors and windows from our product catalog. You can customize generic windows and doors so that they fit into your home by adapting their dimensions and the direction of opening.
  4. Add floors and stairs if necessary. You can even create a mezzanine by adjusting the height of the floors !
  5. If you run out of time, send a sketch of your home to our plan creation service to receive your plan in 2D and 3D. All you have to do is decorate it !

The visualization of your 3D plan allows you to project yourself into your interior and choose your furniture well.

Select your furniture from a range of generic or branded products in our catalog, which includes interior furniture, garden furniture, plants and decor accessories. You can even view your furniture in real size directly at home thanks to the augmented reality.

To discover your new interior, switch to subjective view to visit your project as if you were there. Put on a virtual reality helmet to fully immerse yourself in your future space and take the opportunity to try several fixtures and decorative styles.

You can also take screenshots of your 3D plan from any angle during the design phase of your project using the 3D view mode. When you are finished, create 3D images in high definition and 360 ° views of your project that you can share with your friends and those associated with the project.

Examples of plans

Room plan

Make your choice from a range of floor and wall coverings and furniture to design a room like you.

Balloon plan

Opt for a color association and decorative style to give your living room the atmosphere of your choice.

Cooking plan

Test several kitchen configurations until you find the one that is best suited to your home.

Whatever decorative style you choose, you will inevitably find ideas for your project on our Inspiration page. Visit industrial style lofts, country spirit kitchens, Scandinavian-inspired minimalist salons, bohemian-style colored rooms and contemporary, clean bathrooms to draw new ideas.

You are an interior design professional and are looking for a 3D tool to satisfy your customers ? Our new HomeByMe Pro site will meet all of your needs !

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