How to design a house near the sea?

How to design a house near the sea?

Building a house, many French people want it. Better still, building a house by the sea is the ideal solution to have a main or secondary residence a few steps from the beach and perhaps even with a view ! But beware. Building on the Atlantic coast, along the Channel or on the French Riviera requires some precautions.

If you want to build your house by the sea, you must, like everywhere else on the territory, refer to local town planning rules. This requires consulting the local urban plan (PLU) as well as the various regulations to find out the building areas and the rules that apply to them.

In addition to these urban planning documents, you must also take into account the Littoral law. The Littoral law limits new constructions, the latter not being able to be established elsewhere than in the continuity of existing agglomerations and villages.
So if you were to build an isolated house, the project may not be successful
. The Littoral law even prohibits any construction in certain areas … while it is possible elsewhere to take advantage of a little more flexibility, in particular thanks to the possibilities of rehabilitation and renovation of existing constructions. Know for example that there
“100 meter band” states that outside urbanized spaces, “construction or facilities are prohibited on a coastline of one hundred meters from the upper limit of the shore”. So if you thought you were alone and with direct access to the beach, it could get complicated.

Our first advice to build by the sea is therefore a precautionary and upstream research council to find out the possibilities offered to you.

In addition to the rules specific to town planning, there are also laws which protect people, and which relate in particular to certain areas by the sea. This is particularly the case for natural risk prevention plans and, on the shore, flood risk prevention plans. The land on which you plan to build may be exposed to flood or tidal risks, which will influence the final height of construction and may cause limitations (such as a ban on building a basement) .

Namely> You can find the entire Littoral law (Law No. 86-2 of January 3, 1986 relating to the development, protection and enhancement of the coast) on the website.

Build a house by the water, with what materials ?

Building a wooden house by the sea is possible ? Do you have to build a house with special materials or can you apply the same rules as elsewhere ?

Building by the sea involves taking certain constraints into account. It is necessary in particular to take into account the significant exposure to the sun, but also the force of the wind or the aggression produced by the salt. Wood is a material that can be used for construction by the sea, provided that treated wood is used. Maintenance will be essential to preserve this wood – well studied and dried beforehand – from the risk of humidity within the fibers.

For good corrosion resistance, your home can use metal and galvanized steel elements. The structure can be made of this material, then combined with good insulation.

Concrete also offers good resistance to demanding climatic conditions. Economic, it will allow you to enjoy a cool house in the middle of summer, always nice to return from the beach !

If you were thinking of a brick house, know that it is possible to use this material by the sea. Brick is not as resistant as concrete but absorbs relatively well and heat and humidity.

In order to have a construction project that fits perfectly with the land you have identified, and with quality materials, get closer to locally located manufacturers. They know the constraints weighing on the coastal municipalities, and will be able to provide you with examples of previous achievements.

Beyond the choice of materials, it is also the style that you must treat. Try as long as you can to integrate your home into its landscape. If you are setting up your new house near other constructions with white walls and tinged with blue (on the shutters for example), the ideal is to try to find harmony. Push attention to detail in the choice of furniture and accessories. Whether your house by the sea is your main residence or a holiday home, natural and sober-style furniture is always interesting. Rattan, wood, light fabrics like linen. By way of decoration, landscapes of the coast in painting and images of sailboats can help you create a real bubble of comfort … which it will be difficult to leave to return to the city.

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