How to choose your size from boxing gloves?

How to choose your size from boxing gloves?

Boxing gloves are used by fighters in combat sports. Their main function is to cushion the impacts both in terms of phalanges, for the carrier, but also on the striking zones (body, head), for the opponent. At Dragon Bleu, we have been distributing boxing gloves since 2004 and we also have many practitioners within our teams, which gives us a great deal of experience in this area and allows us to best guide you on your choice.

1. Boxing gloves: leisure use or intensive use ?

Above all, you must ask yourself the question of the use you are going to make of it as well as the budget you have. Indeed, the uses are numerous, it can be for a simple leisure or fitness practice, a regular training or it can also be for competition. In general, the price positioning of the glove indicates its quality positioning. Thus a glove worth around thirty euros is an entry-level, while a glove of around a hundred euros is a high-end that will last much longer in time.

What makes the main difference is the quality of the materials used and the design: while the entry-level boxing glove is manufactured industrially without human intervention with PU, the high-end boxing glove can be made by hand, almost systematically with real leather. We also have intermediate range boxing gloves (between 50 and 80 €), the manufacture of which is a little deeper than the entry-level gloves (reinforced seams, padded foam, etc.).

As well, entry-level will be perfectly suitable for occasional use (1 to 2 times a week) the mid-range boxing glove will be suitable for regular use (2 to 3 times a week) while a high end will be suitable for intensive use (more than 3 times a week) as well as for the competition.

2. What a size of boxing glove to buy ?

The size of a boxing glove is expressed in Oz which means Once in French (1 ounce = 28.34 grams). So the larger the size in Oz, the thicker the padding and the greater the protection. Generally the size grid ranges from 8oz (226 grams) to 16oz (453 grams).

Most of the time, you choose your boxing glove according to your morphology – the small templates will go towards small sizes (8-10oz), the average templates around 12 oz and the large templates around 14 or 16 oz. However, you may want to work with big gloves when doing phases of supported Sparring, in this case you have to opt for 16 Oz, which offers maximum protection. This is particularly the case in the USA where the majority of practitioners use 16 Oz gloves. You may also want to work with heavy gloves if you want to improve your speed in competition or the gloves used are 8oz.

So there is not one, but possible uses on a case-by-case basis. Here is the grid of sizes of boxing gloves that we recommend as well as a selection to facilitate your choice:

Gloves size8oz10oz12oz14oz16oz
Weight45 – 55kg55 – 65kg65 – 75kg75 – 85kg85kg – 95kg
  1. Twins BGVL 3 Retro – Blue / Black Box gloves
  2. Kids of Boxing Leone Tecnico 2 – White / Gold
  3. Gants de Boxe Elion Paris – Bordeaux
  4. Metal Box Boxing Gloves Blade – Black / White

You can increase the lifespan of your boxing gloves with a few simple habits. First of all, you should know that boxing gloves absorb a lot of humidity, so it is better, both to protect yourself but also to absorb sweating, to wear boxing bands. Also remember to take out and store your gloves in a well ventilated place after training is complete.

You can also use deodorants (such as Odor Aid) specific to this effect to prevent your gloves from smelling too bad. We also recommend not using your boxing gloves on strike bags. Indeed, the foam inside may damage quickly. It is best to use gloves specially designed for bag work.

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