How can I play Minecraft via a proxy server?

How can I play Minecraft via a proxy server?

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    Some applications use unusual ports (almost all).
    Minecraft uses flows that pass through unauthorized ports, to authenticate or to communicate.

    If surfing the web is allowed, it is possible to pass the Minecraft flows in port 80 or 443.
    These two ports are generally the only “open” ports that let flows pass.
    80 and 443 because it is the ports which are used for surfing via HTTP (80) and HTTPS (443)

    The idea is therefore to ask Minecraft to communicate via these two ports.
    Requires a server to receive the flow and acts as a gateway, so it returns the flow via the server requested by MC on the correct ports.
    There is a “turnkey” solution called FrozenWay, which installs a virtual network card on the machine in question.
    Here I will describe the method to create its tunnel from A to Z, with the server side configuration (Linux debian) and the client (Putty).
    The use of putty allows you to have an SSH tunnel without installation on the machine and this leaves no trace.

    Ptiti schema recover at random:

    Green = Web flow
    Violet = Flux Minecraft
    Blue = MineCraft Flux in the Web stream
    Upstairs, normal communication, the MineCraft flow is blocked
    Downstairs, communication via HTTPS, the MineCraft flow passes

    Server side
    Under windows :
    I did not want Cygwin which is very heavy to set up.
    Having no linux on hand at the moment, I searched (long) and found FreeSSHd.

    1. You must configure a user in the “User” tab
    2. the IP to listen in the “SSH” tab
    3. And launch the server in the “Server Status” tab

    Ideally, in the “Host restrictions” tab you only put the public addresses that must connect to your server. For example, public IP from your office.

    Under Linux :…ianubuntu.html
    It is based on the same principle, it is much more stable and practical.

    Port redirect
    On the server router, redirect the flow 443 to the server.
    So a NAT rule to add to your Box. An example with a NeufBox :

    The server at the address:
    An example with a Freebox :

    The server at the address:

    Customer side
    PUTTY is used to redirect the flows in the 443.
    You must know the ip of the proxy, the port, the public address of your server and the port that will be used to redirect everything.
    That is to say that we will ask certain application to go through a specific PORT (for example 666) so that their flow goes through the SSH Tunnel established with your server.

    Here is the configuration to be made:

    You can then configure your browser with proxy 666
    All browser flows will go to port 666 of your PC and go through the tunnel.
    You can use FoxyProxy to pass only certain site through this tunnel: D

    Application side
    With Minecraft, we have a problem, that is to say that MineCraft does not allow the configuration of a proxy …
    The only solution is to create an SSH tunnel which will redirect all flows via an open port (443 or 80 generally).
    So we’re going to use software that is SockCap control.
    Here is the configuration:

    We simply ask all applications that will not pass SocksCap to use IP 666, to go via the Tunnel.

    Then you have to add an application :

    And launch MineCraft via SocksCap.

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