How and why choose to learn a combat sport?

How and why choose to learn a combat sport?

Combat sports have never really interested you ? You should start thinking about it though, and I’m talking mostly about women. I know, you don’t like any form of violence, and yet I tell you today that sometimes it can save your life and make you meaner more violent.

To convince you or give you more reason to decide to put yourself in combat sport, here are some good reasons, in my opinion of course, which should encourage you to learn combat sports.

Learn to defend yourself

In learning combat sport, there is obviously the fact of fighting. When you have to defend yourself, you will have to fight and sometimes these little self-defense things although very useful are not enough. I advise you to get into combat sport for the simple reason that you will learn to defend yourself.

You never know, it might save your life one day knowing how to fight against a potential aggressor. In the world we live in today, I consider it necessary even to learn to fight. It is your life that you will have to defend at some point. If you have nothing in your stomach, what will happen ?

I will obviously not force you into one combat sport or another. You are free to move towards the discipline which interests you most and which also seems to suit you as well as possible. Even if it is combat sport, you must keep in mind that the ultimate goal is not to fight, but to defend yourself. Furthermore ; it is forbidden to fight outside the dojos when practicing martial art.

Move properly to avoid sedentary lifestyle

It must be admitted that combat sports are not sports like any other at all. But in any case, it is a way of moving to fight sedentary lifestyle which is still a scourge that causes a lot of illness and health care.

Indeed, a combat sport is a physical activity that will move your whole body. You will probably feel many changes if you decide to get started and you do not play sports before.

Fat loss, agility gain, strength and power gain, but also endurance, you will be a winner at different levels so don’t worry. In addition, you should know that combat sports are not primarily composed of fights. You will have to do exercises to maintain your body well and to warm up well too.

You will indeed have to run, work your arm muscles and your pecs, but also practice stretching and other exercises in the genre to allow you to put yourself in good condition. You will see that with several sessions per week, it is a slender and fit body that you will have.

You let off steam, you get high

Combat sports like all other sports are also a way to let off steam and bring out all the unexpressed aggressiveness that you keep in yourself during your working days and that undermines you little by little.

In sport, combat sports more precisely, you will be able to use all this rage, all this aggressiveness to take over your adversary in the fights organized on the tatami, as training of course.

You must remember one thing, however, do not do martial arts if you are only trying to harm others. You should not use your techniques and knowledge of people who do not have the same level as you, it is not worthy of a practitioner. Indeed, martial arts is a real philosophy of screw in fact.

You are taught to control yourself, to direct your blows to make them more effective, to respect others too. These are lessons that you will be able to take with you the rest of your life and that you must admit that it is a definite advantage not to be overlooked.

It’s good for morale

Like all other sports, martial arts are also good for morale. Indeed, when you are in a bad mood, stressed, upset or even depressed, good training can cheer you up in no time, even more if you triumph more often over the tatami.

Whether you are going to let off steam by tapping on the sandbag or in a bear paw or a punching bag, this allows you to free yourself from all these feelings of annoyance at least for a while. I think you have probably had this kind of experience at least once in your life when a gym session helped you regain morale when you weren’t doing well at all !

Beyond these reasons, sport has always been a generator of good humor. Physical activity indeed helps to better production of the pleasure hormone, which makes you always feel better after having let off steam.

It helps to have beautiful meetings

We don’t always think so, and yet playing sports, combat sports help to meet interesting people, especially with people who share the same passion as you. This is a good reason to go to school to start with, especially if you are lonely.

Ground fighting may well help you disinhibit yourself and make friends if you didn’t have one. Combat sports also help you to be interested in others. If you have chosen to register for self-defense courses for example, take the opportunity to approach others.

Bonus: how to progress in martial arts ?

If you really want to progress in martial arts, I advise you to follow these few tips. To start, you will need to train regularly if you really want to make progress quickly. It is by practicing that you will learn faster and easier the techniques to adopt to succeed in martial arts.

I also advise you to get involved in your practice. The best way to do this is to integrate your practice into your daily life. Simple gestures can indeed allow you to practice without noticing. But beware, don’t skip the steps. It is not for nothing if they have been put in place, you must progress normally and follow the course of things.

Be careful, by wanting to progress again and again, you will lose the pleasure of practicing martial arts, of indulging in a sport, a passion that drives you. In addition, after two or three years, progress will be more difficult to make. You have to realize that this is how it should be. Finally, if you want to succeed in progressing you must learn to train alone. You don’t always need a coach to frame you.

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