Guide to Sizes: How to Choose your Boxing Gloves?

Guide to Sizes: How to Choose your Boxing Gloves?

You want to buy boxing gloves except that you don’t know that she is the size to choose ?

The size of boxing gloves chooses according to your weight and the usefulness you will have. You will not choose the same size of gloves for: training gloves and gloves for the competition.

Don’t panic, we’ll see this together in this article.

More as a bonus at the end, I will give you some tips for maintaining your boxing gloves.

What size to choose for his training gloves ?

Having one or you feel comfortable is very important for any boxer who wishes to progress effectively.

The gloves should be neither too hard (to avoid hurting the partner unnecessarily), nor too soft (to keep your hands from impact).

The offers on this site (we do a little publicity ^^) combine its 2 elements to perfection. As proof, I take a pair of Venum Challenger gloves myself and I must admit that they are very comfortable (and they are mostly stylish).

Now that you know the 2 elements that will allow you to evaluate a “good pair of gloves”, it is time to know which size of gloves will be most suitable for your morphology.

Here is a guide in tabular form that will help you choose your size of boxing gloves, based on your weight:

The measures proposed by this table are estimates that suit the greatest number of boxers and boxers. Thanks to them, it will be easy for you to choose the size of gloves that will suit you best, depending on your weight.

What size of gloves to choose when you compete in boxing ?

In most cases, boxing gloves are already supplied during boxing competitions and galas.

Otherwise, I invite you to take 1 size below the one you usually take.

Why ?

The more your gloves are “small and tight”, the more impact your shots will be and will hurt. May the space between your hand and the glove be reduced, which will increase the hardness.

Example: I am 70 kilos, so I take 12 oz, but when I box in competition I am provided with 10 oz.

This is why when you train I strongly advise against taking a size below that recommended. This will prevent you from hurting your training partners.

As for those who prepare for combat by spanking sustained glove wear (combat test), I would advise you to take 1 glove size above that recommended to you.

Example for me: I take 14 oz.

Your moves will be less impactful and will preserve your sparring partners a little more. They deserve it ahahah ^^

Here are 3 simple tips to maintain your boxing gloves and thus increase their longevity.

  • Remember to ventilate your gloves at each end of training (in a dry place or in the open air).
  • Avoid using your training gloves to make a punching bag (use an older pair of gloves). Bag work wears boxing gloves a lot (it flattened the foam).
  • Put boxing bandages on many advantages, including keeping your gloves from sweating.

Bonus: Using deodorant bombs to maintain your gloves from time to time, you will avoid having stinking hands too much after training.

Here I hope this article will have helped you in choosing the size of your boxing gloves. I remain at your disposal in the commentary space to provide you with any additional information.

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