Construction of house: to whom to entrust the design of his plan?

Construction of house: to whom to entrust the design of his plan?

But who is the most qualified professional to draw the plans for your home ? Individual house builder ? Architect ? Master of Manpower ? It all depends in fact on what you want and your budget.

The plans of an individual housekeeper: simplicity and security

It is the simplest and most secure solution since the individual housekeeper takes care of everything. Not only will he carry out the plans but also take care of the entire administrative (building permit) and technical (coordination of the various trades involved in the site) aspect of the project. In addition, you are bound by a contract for the construction of a single house (CCMI) or by a contract for sale in the state of future completion (VEFA) if it also provides you with the land.

These contracts are strictly regulated. You thus have solid guarantees: meeting deadlines, firm and final price, work damage insurance, ten-year guarantee, etc.

However, you will have to choose plans from those presented in the manufacturer’s catalog. And some only offer you turnkey projects in which it is difficult to change a lesser line on the plans. Others, on the contrary, are much more flexible and will make you personalized plans but with an additional cost compared to standard plans.

The same is true for the choice of building materials and equipment. Either you stay in the standards offered by the manufacturer, or you pay more for personalized materials and equipment.

The plans of an architect: freedom and singularity

With an architect you can really make the house of your dreams come true. On your instructions, he draws your plans and you have all the freedom to choose the materials and equipment. And you have a house that doesn’t look like your neighbors’ house ! Your only constraints are administrative (compliance with urban planning rules), technical and of course budgetary.

The fees of an architect represent on average 10 to 12% excluding taxes of the total cost of the works for a complete mission of prime contractor. For a project of less than 170 m², the fees are fixed. For a complete mission, he follows the project site to handing over the keys. But you can limit its mission to the mere realization of the plans. On the other hand, it will be up to you to ensure the entire administrative part (building permit, choice of artisans, receipt of quotes, payment of invoices, etc.) and to follow up on the site.

Whatever the scope of the architect’s mission, you must sign a contract that determines his mission and his fees. If you choose to entrust the architect with the entire construction of your house, you are bound by a compulsory but less protective contract of master’s degree, than the CCMI

If your project is over 170 m² outside of work, you must call on an architect.

The architect retains moral ownership of his work. As such, he may oppose any subsequent modifications to the house, if he judges that these affect his creation.

Plans for a project manager or a design office: personalization

With a prime contractor or a design office you have the same freedom as with an architect. But the emphasis is more on technicality than on the creativity of the plans. Your plans are personalized and you have the freedom to choose construction materials and equipment.

Like the architect, the prime contractor can only intervene for the plans or manage the project in full. Likewise, you must sign a master’s contract which determines its mission and its fees. The latter represent between 7 and 10% excluding taxes of the total cost of the works for a complete mission.

Whatever you choose, always make sure the professional is serious. Do not hesitate to ask to see some of his achievements. Also check that he has compulsory insurance.

: It is always possible to carry out the plans of his house yourself. And you don’t have to be good at drawing since many software packages allow you to make personalized plans.

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